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International Indian Film Academy at the Four Seasons, Toronto

The International Indian Film Academy promotes and represents Indian cinema, fashion and culture globally. Together with Four Seasons Residences, Bengaluru, India, the Studio Film Group and co-hosted with Shabana Azmi, Javed Akhtar, and Kabir Bedi.

On June 25th the Four Seasons Hotel in Toronto played host to the International Indian Film Academy (IIFA) Awards, a prestigious event that celebrates the best of Indian cinema. The star-studded ceremony was attended by some of the biggest names in the film industry, including Bollywood actor Kabir Bedi.

Kabir Bedi, who is known for his roles in films like "Octopussy" and "The Bold and the Beautiful", was one of the presenters at the event. He added a touch of glamour and sophistication to the proceedings and kept the audience entertained with his witty remarks and charming personality.

The IIFA Awards are a much-anticipated event in the Indian film industry and are held in a different country each year. The ceremony in Toronto was particularly special, as it marked the first time that the event had been held in North America.

The Four Seasons hotel provided the perfect setting for the glamorous event, with its elegant decor and world-class amenities. The ceremony itself was a spectacle to behold, with stunning performances by some of the biggest stars in Bollywood and awards handed out to the best actors, directors, and technicians in the industry.

Overall, the IIFA Awards at the Four Seasons hotel in Toronto were a memorable event that showcased the best of Indian cinema to a global audience. With Kabir Bedi as one of the presenters, it was a night to remember for all those who attended.


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