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Charity Event for Children's Navigator Program: "50 Shades of Green" Golf Tournament

Thank you to all for your support of our, first ever Ladies Golf Tournament, “50 Shades of Green”. Our Committee organized the “50 Shades of Green” golf tournament to raise funds for our President’s Charity, Halton Healthcare Services Navigator Program. The event was a huge success!

The Navigator program, in place for approximately two years, was created to provide children and youth 18 and under with support when they are in a mental health crisis as well as assisting in navigating them through their recovery period. This Oakville pilot program has shown great success and is now being used as a prototype in other GTA communities for their youth in need. The Navigator Program’s goal is to raise $1.25 Million by the end of the year. Just over 80% of that goal has been achieved! The most exciting component of this fundraising challenge is that every dollar contributed before the end of the year will be matched 2 ½ times by two local very generous benefactors.

We want to applaud your commitment to this very worthy charity and hope that you take as much pride as we do in the fact that our joint effort in making this event happen has enabled us to make a donation of nearly $33,000 to the Navigator Program. (Now picture that number times 2.5!! That’s a lot of applause!!)

Thank you for helping the navigator program be there for the children and youth who need the program today and in the future. You are ….”50 Shades of Generous”!!!

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