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Handpainted mural by Tatiana
at Verace Italian Restaurant in Oakville.

Located in downtown Oakville, Verace is an authentic Neapolitan Restaurant on a strict mission to provide authenticity, quality & pure deliciousness to each and every one of their guests. From their homemade pastas to carefully picked ingredients, you can rest assured that each dish encapsulates a true Italian experience.

When we began working with Verace, we wanted to create a design that incorporated an authentic, traditional look combined with a more modern feel ... a truly hand-painted piece of art that stands on its own while also serves as a backdrop for customers to take pictures when they are waiting to be seated or picking up take out.


The heart of both wings are filled with symbolic features in a classic Italian-style lace design reminiscent of traditional luxury textiles that take a lot of time and expertise to create - much like the homemade dishes created by the chefs at Verace.


Located above the bar area within the restaurant are two Italian phrases:

  1. "La cucina piccola fa la casa grande" which translates to "A little kitchen makes a larger home", and

  2. "Anni e bicchieri di vino si contano mai" which translates to "Years, lovers and glasses of wine - these things must not be counted".

We wove both phrases in gold with the same font into both sides of the wings to keep a consistent theme with their existing branding along with incorporating the Verace logo at just the right placement within the design so as to be just above shoulder height when customers opt for a photo opportunity.


Italy is well known for the abundance and diversity of flowers from the southern Mediterranean to the alpine north, and that feeling is replicated with the beautiful European ambiance with their wrap-around patio filled with flowers in hanging baskets, mini garden, and large vases.


We incorporated seven flowers with the number seven representing prosperity, happiness, and renewal in numerology. The vine leaves are infinity signs symbolizing balance, harmony, peace, and eternal life. Woven into the flowers in the centre is the heart of it all - love.


Inspired by Papyrus, "Legends say that hummingbirds float free of time, carrying our hopes for love, joy, and celebration. The hummingbird’s delicate grace reminds us that life is rich, beauty is everywhere, every personal connection has meaning, and that laughter is life's sweetest creation."


When creating the artwork we wanted to incorporate certain features into the design starting with the brand colours - black, gold, and white. The black matte background is the perfect backdrop to allow the design to 'pop' in any light setting allowing for clients to take pictures day or night without any reflection or glare in client photographs.


We wanted to ensure the artwork was in alignment with a more traditional, authentic look so the entire mural design was hand-painted with the finest of paintbrushes ranging from 2mm to 12mm only!

With the artwork located at the front entrance of the restaurant, we used the highest quality, most advanced paint on the market that is also low VOC, stain-resistant, scruff-resistant to ensure the white will keep looking like the day it was painted. The gold metallic paint also provides that little extra detail and touch of class that reflects the light in the most perfect, yet subtle, way.

We love how 'Ali d'angelo Verace' all came together to tell its own story.

Be sure to visit Verace Italian Restaurant and while you are there don't forget to take a pic and tag both Verace and us!

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